iamthenublack: Raquel Wilson

Introduce yourself

Raquel Wilson’s love for all things cultural, matched with her activist spirit make her a secret weapon in a time of creative idea exploration and a growing surge of international social consciousness. An artist, curator and social anthropologist, she harbors a passion for creating opportunities that give the “underdog” a chance at success.

A champion for children everywhere, Raquel has finished writing her first book, Because I Went Parasailing, an inspirational story of achievement for young people and currently freelances as an independent consultant developing cross-cultural art and leadership programs that empower youth, particularly young women and girls.

Favourite lyric from a song

It’s hard for me to narrow it down to just one, but the two most prominent are “You can’t stop my shine” from “Thumper” by Liza Garza (produced by Mikaal Sulaiman) and “More than money saved I want to save children” from Common’s “Sixth Sense”.

I’m inspired by

Children and young people keep me focused and energized.  They continuously inspire me to dream, create and change.  I am also thoroughly inspired by ordinary people who do extraordinary things for others.  My oldest friend Kimm Strickland has unwittingly become a special inspiration for me through the work she does with externally displaced families living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Witnessing her work reminds me how powerful the individual can be.

Icons past/present

I have an extended list: Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Rigoberta Menchú Tum; Yawanawá leaders Chief Tashka Yawanawá and Laura Yawanawá; anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston; Brooklyn-based educator Aiesha Turman for her work with The Black Girl Project; and Velma Ewing, my maternal grandmother.

The NuBlack philosophy according to Racquel Wilson

“Stop swimming with ducks!” is my personal mantra.  It’s a means to encourage swans to avoid the status quo, or ducks.  It is important to make sure we surround ourselves with those who are like-minded.  When I look at the amazing people in my circle, I can’t help but remember who I am and what I have been destined to accomplish.  Birds of a feather definitely DO flock together!

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