Event: XhibitP presents: To Be Hip, Gifted & Black

I was asked to submit a video about what I do to the following event – definitely excited about being a part of something that’s so in line with what thenublack ethos is about.

XHIBIT P and The Barnard College Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS) have teamed up to present a dynamic panel on one of the most underestimated, yet most influential social groups of our time: The Black Creative Class. On April 14th 2011, Xhibit P will host To Be Hip, Gifted, and Black, a panel discussion and performance to be held at Barnard College in NYC. (No worries if you’re not in the area, we’ll be streaming LIVE online throughout the event!)

Inspired by contributor Kyla Marshell’s essay on the black hipster and identity, this panel will interrogate the relationship between race, identity, and art through a multimedia-based conversation that uses video, social media, visual art and music to explore the complexity of the burgeoning black creative class. Additionally, this dialogue will address the legacy of Diaspora by featuring the video stories of black creatives from across the globe.

The individuals who make up this multifaceted group break conventional barriers on the daily through various means of imagination,innovation, and inspiration. They challenge the status-quo and consequently bring about novel ideas and products, which in turn sparks social movements on multiple levels.

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