iamthenublack: Tamia Stinson of The Style Sample

Introduce yourself
I’m Tamia Stinson, blogger at TheStyleSample.com, Style Sample Magazine editor, and freelance graphic designer from Cincinnati, OH.

Favourite song lyric
“I got my own hell to raise…”
– Sleep to Dream, Fiona Apple

I’m inspired by
Creative people, selflessness, the night sky

My icons past/present
I’ve had a talent crush on Prince since I was a child–his ability to continually create and willingness to experiment inspires me. I haven’t always liked Oprah, but have grown to admire her media empire–if she has an idea that makes sense, she makes it happen and the execution and results are top notch. Most of all, I look to my Meema–my mother’s mother–who went through years of hardship and adversity and still managed to be the type of person whose very memory makes people who knew her tear up in admiration. Someday…

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Tamia Stinson

I found this poem by a man named Javan a few years ago and have tried to live up to it ever since:

One day I said to God
‘I am going to search this world over
To find the meaning of my existence
I am going to find the talent within me
And develop it to the best of my abilities
I am going to make the most of this live that I have been given
And I shall do this without infringing on anyone elses
Opportunity to do the same.’
And God replied
‘I couldn’t ask for anything more.’

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