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Introduce yourself

I’m Camille Peace, I’m an 80s baby with big ol’ kinky hair who designs jewelry and takes photos, and is in love with my people and our culture.  I choose individuality over trends, and express the struggle Black people have gone through with my art.


Favourite song lyrics


“I cannot be what I am not.”

-Esthero, Superheroes


I’m inspired by

Music (all kinds, especially R&B, soul and hip hop), natural hair, Black culture and history, constellations, nature, the complexities of human interaction and the journey we are all on to find ourselves and our true meaning in life.


Icons past & present


Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, Malcolm X, Melody Ehsani and Eartha Kitt


thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Camille Peace


As Black people we’ve endured a lot of struggle and pain – but it’s not something we have to run away from. We can use it to help us define and reinforce our amazing style. We don’t have to ashamed of our past; we are awesome.


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