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iamthenublack: Aiesha Turman of The Black Girl Project

iamthenublack: Aiesha Turman of The Black Girl Project

Introduce yourself

I’m Aiesha Turman and I am a writer, emerging filmmaker and media artist. I’m also a community educator. I also run a project based on one of my films ‘The Black Girl Project’.

The Black Girl Project is a documentary film which asks pretty much one question: who are you? Of course that question morphed into other, follow-up questions, but that singular question lies at the heart of the film.

In a culture where Black women and girls are either venerated for their saintly accomplishments which strips them of any other character attribute except that of martyr/mammy, or demonized and used as the fall gal to explain away all that is wrong with the Black community and society-at-large, it is important to hear and see Black girls speak their truths.

Favourite lyric from a song

If on courage

You must call

Then just keep on tryin’

And tryin’

And tryin’

You’re a lion

In your own way

Be a lion

Be A Lion, The Wiz

I’m inspired by

Love, my six year old daughter, other people pursuing their passions, and being free.

Icons past & present

From the past: Rebekah Louise Middleton, my maternal grandmother. She was the epitome of a woman — beautiful both inside and outside and she nurtured herself and those she loved. Also, Josephine Baker and Zora Neale Hurston for their boldness and intent on being free in a world that barely recognized them as human. There are so many contemporary women I learn from, they include: Euzhan Palcy, filmmaker; Tayari Jones, author; dream hampton, filmmaker and writer; Iyanla Vanzant, spiritual leader.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Aiesha Turman

Never look outside of yourself for completion, happiness or any type of satisfaction. Everything you need for a full life will come from within.

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