Event: Thenublack Meetup

As much as I enjoy pressing the ‘Like’ button on Facebook and  waxing lyrical on Twitter (leading you to believe that I don’t have a day job), I thought a meetup would be a nice idea to put names to faces/avatars.

This event is simply my way of bringing folks together for a social evening. Taking place on the last Saturday in February, the meetup coincides with ‘Saturday Nite Boogie’ at Marketplace which is a night full of Funk, rare grooves, 80s boogie and uptempo goodness brought to you by the Uprock and Amplified DJs.

If you have anything you’d like to share at the meetup (events, blog links, advice, your trust fund)then please bring it along. Small children, firearms, bad mixtapes and cases of swine flu should be left at home….thanks.

There’ll also be badges and cupcakes in abundance 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you,

Gabi x

(you can either RSVP via Facebook or by e-mailing hello@iamthenublack.com)