iamthenublack: Tanya Marie Williams

Introduce yourself

My name is Tanya Marie Williams. I’m an Art Director and Graphic Designer at a Design and Branding Studio. Living and working in Trinidad, West Indies and I am an Illustrator and Artist.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and both sides of my creativity: the art side and the design side inform and enrich each other. I don’t pick sides. My heart is equally involved in them both.

Favourite song lyric

I love music a lot, my taste is all over the place, but this is my favourite ‘Mad Men’ quote:

“My life moves in one direction only… forward.”

(I’m so addicted to that show! I used to work in advertising)

I’m inspired by

My friends and the people I work with inspire me more than anything else. I can name big name designers and artist whose work I admire but honestly they’re too far away to directly affect me.

In the Caribbean it’s very easy to take the easy way out, to just ‘do enough’ to get by or just ‘make the cash’, especially in the very niche creative community – it can be overwhelming.

It takes guts to be from here and aspire and work hard to be the best and be recognised on a grander scale. The amazingly talented Caribbean designers, artist, writers, photographers that I know, several of which have had exhibits in different part of the world are my inspiration.

Even the ones just starting their journey, they inspire me. They are constantly moving forward.

My icons past/present

Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Christopher Cozier, Eddie Opara

thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Tanya Marie Williams

Milton Glaser said, “Art is work.”

I read that on the cover of a book of his and its simplicity is true.

It reminds me all the time that I cannot be lazy with going after my dreams. It’s work, and I have to put in the work to get what I want out of it.

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