Image of the Day: Jesse Boykins Outtakes

Speaking to Yin & Yang about the artwork for his latest single  B4 The Night is Through, Jesse explained his thought process:

“I took inspiration from Marcel Duchamp – a French sculptor from the early 1930s. He’s a revolutionary, so I took inspiration from him. The woman in the photo playing chess was a model for his sculpture – she was his muse….the woman [on the cover of the single] is my muse, my inspiration. If you look at the chess board she has more pieces than I do, so she’s winning – and I always say that women always win regardless. A woman has everything that most of the world wants.”

I’d never actually seen the original photo so it was a bit of a backwards step but I love how Jesse has made it his own. The photos were taken by Mel D Cole of VillageSlum.

Original image by Marcel Duchamp