iamthenublack: Kagem Tibaijuka of Charcoal Ink

Introduce yourself

My name is Kagem Tibaijuka. I was born in Dar-es-Salaam, but as the child of two parents who worked abroad, I lived in many different countries like Russia and Sweden, but spent most of my educational life in England.

I started my hair blog Charcoal Ink in 2006 and at the moment, I have just completed my Masters project from university, which was a careers website for students called vox-popPRcareers. Whilst I am waiting for my results, I am building a business on the side of consulting online marketing for businesses. I love business, thinking about business and staying focused on business in order to succeed in my life.

Favourite song lyric

I like the song ‘I’m a diva’ by Beyonce, just because I admire how hard-working she is and I think that line sums up a lot about what hard working women should feel like after a hard days work.

I’m inspired by

Wanting to be the best at whatever I am doing is what drives and motivates me. I wouldn’t say I am particularly academically gifted but what inspires me is wanting to be excellent at what I am passionate about which is business and creating things from scratch and making something meaningful.

The hope to be better and be a good person in a Christian sense is also very important to me.

My icons past/present

Past: Madame CJ Walker. I think she did so much for black women, even though she probably didn’t realise how important her impact would be as the first self made millionaire female and the first black female millionaire. Amazing woman.

Present: Oprah Winfrey. I have this thing about Oprah. I just think she is on another level in terms of how inspirational and important she is. I know this does sound sycophantic but we just need to give credit when it is due, she has done so much for people of African descent in terms of visibility and exposure. I love her – she’s incredible.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Kagem Tibaijuka

Don’t give up or let anyone try and tell you not to do something. I do think other specific people’s opinions are important such as your family etc, but I think it is so important to stay 100% committed to your goals like a robot from Futurama almost because if you don’t stay committed and let people lead you astray, no one has a vested interested in getting you back on track.

All in all, staying committed to your goals and not letting anyone dissuade you.

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