iamthenublack: Ese Akpojotor of Sweet Design Studio

Introduce yourself

My name is Ese Akpojotor, I am the creator and designer of sweet design studio cards. My cards aim is to celebrate the woman of colour, style and individuality. I am situated in London. All of my designs are hand done, I usually work with paper but I do mix it with different media when needed.

Favourite song lyric

“If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change”

– Man in the mirror, Michael Jackson.

I’m inspired by

London is such a diverse and multicultural city that is hard not to take notice of things. I love patterns from different parts of the world. I like how a traditional pattern can have so much meaning and heritage.

My icons past/present

There are people’s works I really admire but I wouldn’t say I look up to them as icons. I like works from Michael Roberts, David Downton, Rob Ryan, Julie Verhoven and Katsumi Komagata.

The nublack philosophy according to Ese Akpojotor

Embrace your individuality.

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