iamthenublack: Burden Clothing

Introduce yourself

Omar: I’m Omar Walter Ellis, co-founder of Burden Clothing (along with Dominique Gautier). Part time designer and musician.

Dominique: I’m Dominique co-founder of burden, part time designer and creative mind.

Favourite song lyric

Omar: “Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined. I think of crime, when I’m in a NY state of mind” – Nas, “NY State of Mind”

Dominique: “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” – Nas

I’m inspired by

Omar: Those who reach beyond the limits set for them are definite inspirations. Stevie Wonder, Walter Rodney, or even friends who achieve and/or live outside of the box. Generally, those who live fearlessly are inspirations to me.

Dominique: great works of art and creativity inspires me. When it comes to people who inspire me, I’m a big fan of those with great work ethics and vision. Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs come to mind first. The family also plays a major role for me as well.

My icons past/present

Omar: My parents, Miles Davis, Woody Shaw, The aforementioned Stevie, Quincy Jones, Gordon Parks, Michael Jackson, Roberto Clemente.

Dominique: that’s always a tough question for me. I’ve never really honed in on a particular person but I am a fan of the greats from Steven Beko to Steve Jobs. Thomas Staint-Clara, Tousaint, Walter Rodney to name a few.

Thenublack mantra according to Burden Clothing

Make what you consider better into your best.

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