iamthenublack: Antonio Guzman

Introduce yourself

My name is Antonio Jose Guzman, Afro Latin American Dutch Panamanian audiovisual artist; photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Creative Director and founder of the State of L3 Pan African Contemporary Arts & Film Collective, who are based in Amsterdam, Dakar, and Recife.

My videos and artistic work are a blend derived from experimental jazz, documentaries, the African Diaspora, Afro futurism and gravity.

I’m working with art related Diaspora transatlantic exchanges based on Paul Gilroy’s book the Black Atlantic, Marcus Garvey, Cultural Analysis and Afro futurism.

Favourite lyric from a song:

It’s the Black Star Line that’s leaving at nine

Here’s a paid ticket so you can free your mind

Playgrounds is filled with visions of steel

Grab the black babies IT’S TIME TO BUILD

See we got a mental ship somethin’ like Noah’s Ark

Spark your brain cell now let’s set sail

We flowin’ on a positive trip

All Nubians is welcome, male and female

– Song Black Star Line, Brand Nubian

Who and what inspires you?

My Granddad Antonio Jaramillo Reyes – First Black Governor of Cocle, Panama 1975-1985, My Mom Elvia Jaramillo – Diplomat, Environmentalist, Latin Americanist, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Lumumba, Omar Torrijos (Panamanian Leader 1970’s).

Icons, past and present

Marcus Garvey, Paul Gilroy, José Carlos do Patrocínio (Afro Brazilian Leader) 1853 — Rio de Janeiro, 1905.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Antonio Guzman

“When the ego dies, the soul awakes”

Mahatma Gandhi

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