Worldwide: International Video Blogger

So I’ve put my finger in another creative pie – International Video Blogger (or ‘vlogger’ as some people say) for Society HAE. My task is to put folks in and outside of the UK onto what’s going on in my area. Interviews with creatives, nights out, parties – anything to showcase the creative hub that is my current residence.

A lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn, NY our offerings include womens apparel, image consulting, & event production. A neighborhood staple for over 6 years, we have contributed to the landscape of Brooklyn offering a unique voice for borough residents and the greater NYC community. Having owned a boutique and art gallery that was a destination for music, fashion and art enthusiasts, we were able to create a base from which our network grew beyond Brooklyn to include people from across the nation and overseas. Our intent was and continues to be to incorporate emerging art of all mediums into the daily lives of the community and encourage people to interact with one another in new and creative ways. – Society HAE

We are not merely selling products, we’re building a movement. Join us!

I had the pleasure meeting up with Ngozi Odita – the brains behind Society HAE on her stopover flight from Nigeria and was able to get my hands on the flip cam that I’ll be doing the interviews on…it’s going to be so much fun!

I decided to start off with the Chic Afriq event that I was a part of over the weekend. It was such a great day – not only being able to be the face of a new brand amongst other designers, but being able to talk to people about what thenublack was about as well as networking and being a part of an event that I know will go from strength to strength.

Big thanks to Kayobi Clothing, Kenema & Co (who I bought the HOTTEST dress from), Asili Clothing, and Fully Charged for allowing me to capture them on camera – and to Ngozi for the platform.

Society HAE