Inspired by: Jennifer Hosten – Grenada’s 1st Miss World

Jennifer Hosten was born and raised in St. George’s, Grenada. She completed her education in London, studied broadcasting with the BBC and worked for its Caribbean service before becoming a flight attendant.

In 1970 Ms. Hosten then 22 won the Miss World Title, her enthronement as Miss World was clouded in controversy fueled by racial tensions. Her runner up was Miss South Africa making it the first time ever in an international pageant that both winner and runner up were Black (Hosten is also Grenada’s 1st Black Miss World).

Despite the controversy surrounding her victory Jennifer Hosten was acclaimed in Grenada as a national heroine, and less than seven months later, in June 1971, six commemorative stamps were printed in her honour.

In late 2006, Jennifer was appointed the National Director of the Miss Grenada World Contest. The event took place on March 31, 2007, and chose only the third Grenadian woman in history to compete at the Miss World finals – 24 year old Vivian Burkhardt.

via Caribbean Hall of Fame

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