T-Shirt Tuesdays: The Original David

David is the boy that everybody knew back in the day, He was kind of cool but his kicks weren’t all that fresh yet it didn’t matter ‘cause he could clown you and knew how to draw Transformers. Everybody knew somebody like that, he might have been African, Asian, Latino, British, but always David. Why David? David is a name found nearly all over the world in some form, this is why our motto is “in every language there’s a david…”.

We interpret cultures in our own sarcastic way heightening and often poking fun at our differences because that’s what we do, and so do you, except we do it publicly, with a nostalgic throwback to the good ol’ days to make it seem less offensive. And if that isn’t proactive enough, we come back full circle just to make the point that we’re all pretty much the same. There is an emotional connection that The Original David envokes. David symbolizes an iconic mentality. We want to provide you with intelligent design that sparks dialogue. Our designs are 100% handmade. Our 3-D felt designs give added dimension to our items. The branded leather tags are our seal of quality. It’s all manual in the lab.

The Original David