iamthenublack: Nicole Crowder of Chestnut Orange

Introduce yourself

My name’s Nicole. I’m a 25-year old music head/blogger currently living in Washington, D.C. I work as an Assistant Photo Editor for a non-profit newspaper and website, and I freelance as a photographer/music writer. I’m a bit of a random nerd who loves everything from waxing poetic on music and design (especially from the 1960s era), films and books, thrift shopping, and fancying myself a chick cool enough to crack a good joke every once and awhile. The jury is still out on that one.

Favourite lyric from a song

“I could never take a chance of losing love to find romance.”

A Man and a Woman -U2

Who and what inspires you

Creatively, I’m inspired my designers who can use the simplest image or typography to create the biggest statement. It shows they understand the impact that minimalism and simplicity have even in the midst of chaotic design and ideas. They’re able to isolate what’s really important, delivering both strong message and cool concept by using color and composition wisely.

Also, people who have such a database of creative references from which to draw for when it’s time to find a concept or treatment for a story. My boss is the best at this! And it drives me nuts because I’m steady trying to get on his level! I’m inspired people who are passionate about their passions, cultures, literature, films… Almost anything can be that point of reference for creativity if you’re open to recognizing it.

Spiritually, I’m inspired by people who, despite whatever is going on in their life, still can have an optimistic and positive disposition and see that those moments of heartache or discomfort last but a blip, but that their joy is something they can choose to have forever.

As a woman, I’m inspired by fearless women, and those who thrive and excel in areas that at one point were not accessible to them.

thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Nicole Crowder

Speak what you want into existence. Everything you say, in some way, will manifest itself.

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