iamthenublack: Andrea Pippins

Having being featured as for Fly Girl Of The Week last year, I had to show some love and feature Andrea on thenublack. I’m super excited about have the opportunity to feature her, FlyGirls is a blog I visit daily and her work is definitely an inspiration to me as a fellow designer.

introduce yourself

My name is Andrea and I am a graphic designer, illustrator, blogger who is passionate about inspiring others. I love looking for and collecting images, items, and information to share.

fav lyric from a song

Can I give two?

“Don’t worry be happy.” – Bobby McFerrin

I’m a worrier so this takes practice for me.

And I would have to say this set of lyrics really speaks to me right now. It’s exactly how I’m feeling these days:

“so, in my mind I’m tusslin’

back and forth ‘tween here and hustlin’

I don’t wanna time travel no mo

I wanna be here”

– Window Seat, Erykah Badu

who and what inspires you?

I know it’s a bit cliche but my mother for sure, her courage, strength, life experiences and wisdom always inspire me. People who courageously follow their dreams, artists who create beautiful work, teachers, smiles, sunshine and rain, handmade and handprinted textiles, patterns, color, blank sheets of white paper. Cultures, traveling, food, and anthropology.

icons past & present

Can’t say that I really have one but if I had to choose; I admire the work Thelma Golden is doing in the world of contemporary art.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Andrea Pippins

If you’re reading this it means you’re alive and if you’re alive that means you still have things you need to do, passions to share, people to inspire, and happiness to pursue. So get out there and make it happen.

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