Blitz x PUMA

I’m so excited about the World Cup – it’s the first time that it’s being held in an African nation, South Africa. I can’t wait to see all the imagery from each game (including pics of the tournaments hottest players, lol).

I was put onto Blitz The Ambassaor by Amelia of PMOI (she’s officially my go to girl now for that ‘hot ish’, lol)…I’m not sure if this is confirmed but I think he’s due to play at Jazz re:freshed some time this year. I’m not even going to post the England World Cup video on here….I mean, I know John Barnes was free to spit a hot 16 on someone’s track – what’s up with that?! lol

This is not an official Puma commercial. As fans of football and Hip-Hop music my team put together this mash up of my latest single ‘Something to Believe’ and the Puma Africa commercial for our fans to enjoy. We do not own any of the video rights used….we did it for the LOVE. Peace to GHANA…..See you at the world cup!!!

– Blitz The Ambassador