iamthenublack: Jodie Smith

introduce yourself

name: Jodie

occupation: model, writer, and professional nerf gun fighter

The long and short of it is that I’m a pretty face with a whole helluva lot to say. So I write it all down. and force everyone I know to read it. I blog, I tumble, I tweet, and since I’m addicted to over sharing, I guess that’s all you really need to know about me (in other words, I’m once again finding a way to force you into reading my writings) 🙂

fav lyric from a song

It took me 8 days to finish this 5-question interview because I was trying to figure out my answer to this question…! You can find me listening to anything from bon iver to drake to Radiohead to Hendrix to Lykke Li to Badu, so depending on my mood or state of mind, my favourites rotate like cd’s in a disk changer… but since I have to choose and since I ruminated on this for 8 days… I’m gonna go with Jill Scott, “Love Rain”.

Yes, the entire song. It was a large part of my coming of age. and I can’t tell you how many times since the first time I heard it I’ve been in a situation wherein “the rain was fallin and I couldn’t see the season changing and the vibe slippin off its axis. Our beautiful melody became wildly staccato…”

who and what inspires you?

Individuals, cumulus clouds, Deepak Chopra, rain acoustics, love, heartbreak, the lines in people’s faces… everything inspires me. We get to live this amazing thing called life. that alone is inspirational.

icons past & present

GRACE JONES. I’ve been told like I look like her which is the highest compliment ever.That woman is amazing. She was amazing in the 70s, amazing in the 80s, and amazing now. Even at 60 years old, miss Jones is still way cooler than most people on this planet will ever be.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Jodie Smith

Pick your friends like you pick your fruit.