Get The Look: Window Seat Chic

I was on holiday when Ms.Badu’s video came out and I didn’t have a chance to see it until I came back home…needless to say I LOVE IT! (Coodie & Chike always come correct with their directional style, and the quote at the end, is definitely something future revolutionaries live by). I caught a glimpse of Wanda Sykes ‘Middle Seat’ which was HILARIOUS and a bunch of other spoof videos have cropped up – it’s going to be like the Single Ladies remakes but better, lol.

I really do enjoy the days I work a late shift at work, leaves me times to create things like this ‘Get The Look’ for Erykah Badu’s Window Seat (shoutout to all the blogs that create these on a daily basis – that ish took me FOREVER!). So if you’re thinking of re-creating the video yourself…here’s how you go about it:

Enjoy x (I’m off to American Apparel to get my purple hoodie, lol)

Mac/Trench Coat, Zip-Up Hoodie, Burnout T-Shirt, Underwear, Sunglasses, Knuckle Ring, 3-Finger Ring, 1961 Lincoln Continental, Harem Pants, Stocking Cap