iamthenublack: Brian Merritt of Solemates Chicago

brian_tnbintroduce yourself

Brian, Entrepreneur since 6th grade, I have a love for clothing, shoes, sneakers, and just looking good. I’m from North Carolina but grew up in Chicago since the Bulls were winning Championships so you can say I’m from Chicago.

fav lyric from a song

The one that pops in my head is:

“But hold up/Moet be tasting like throw up”

– Incarcerated Scarfaces, Raekwon

It actually does taste like throw up and I’ve been saying that for years!

who and what inspires you?

Any and everything inspires me. I know that sounds a little lame but there are good and bad situations that inspire me to create more, live better, work harder, and make my families situations better.

icons past & present

Michael Jordan, Malcolm X, Spike Lee, Master P, Ralph Lifshitz (Ralph Lauren), Daymond John, Karl Kani, Dame Dash.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Brian Merritt

We need to take care of each other like other races. We are the most influential people EVER yet we rarely profit off of it. Blacks spend the most money on non-appreciable goods but we spend it with everyone except Blacks. We need to start investing in ourselves and community. If we did this we will not only acquire wealth but more importantly power. With the power we can make serious changes for our future. 

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