iamthenublack: Ronke Adeyemi of OndoLady

ronkeintroduce yourself

I am a Marketer by day and Blogger by night. I started The Musings of Ondo Lady because I love writing and I love pop culture so I thought this platform would be a great idea.

fav lyric from a song

1989, the number another summer

sound of a funky drummer

music hittin your heart

cause I know you got soul.

– Fight The Power, Public Enemy

who and what inspires you?

music, films, magazines, fashion, TV, books, arts and overheard conversations.

icons past & present

My icons are people who have not only done amazing things with their lives but are also people who I would go get out of my seat to have my picture taken with:

Muhammed Ali, Chris Rock, Usain Bolt, Tommy Smith, Carl Lewis, and Oprah.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Ronke Adeyemi

Before you point out problems make sure you have a solution, because it is easy to criticize.

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