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milanintroduce yourself

I am an artist in many forms: make up artist, accessories designer, stylista, and budding photographer. I also sew and have taken up crocheting recently. I love art and I’m constantly striving for serenity, achieving my goals and dreams, and seeking out new adventures; truly experiencing a full life. You only get one so why not live it passionately?!

fav lyric from a song

“I’m living my life like it’s golden”

– Golden, Jill Scott

I try to say this to myself every day. It sums up what I ultimately want out of my life.

who and what inspires you?

My parents are my top inspirations. When I was first born, they were broker than broke and now they are living “The American Dream”. They are a first hand testiment to me that it doesn’t matter where you start out, it’s where you want to go and with work and determination, you can get there. I am inspired by life in general. Just when I think I may be close to having it somewhat figured out, I’m psyched out again by it. Lol. There’s no one path to a successful life and I find that very intriguing.

This one will sound cliche maybe but I’m also inspired by my ancestors. I can’t imagine living in a time where the opportunities, rights, and “equality” that I afford now wouldn’t have been available due to the color of my skin. They inspire me to keep going after my dreams and achieving things so I can show my appreciation to them and that their lives, tears, prayers and fight weren’t in vain. I want to make them proud!

icons past & present

My past icons: both sets of my grandparents- I get half of my style sense and my entreprenuerial spirit from my paternal ones. They were sharp dressers! And with only high school degrees and being entreprenuers, they lived “The American Dream”. I get the importance of education from my maternal ones. Both of them were the first in their families and in the Black population back then to earn college degrees.

My mother is one of my present icons- I get the other half of my style sense from her and my creativity from her. She taught me how to sew and used to be a fashion designer when I was little. She is now a popular fiber artist based out of Cincinnati. We constantly feed off of each other’s energy to create.

Some past celebrity icons of mine would be Dorothy Dandridge and Selena. I just love how they carried themselves, their poise, and sophisticated/chic sense of style.  But most importantly, they both were involved in giving back to various communities and causes with their time and money. I already enjoy giving back with my time and when I become a baller (lol), I will love to share some of my money for various causes as well.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Milan

The NuBlack philosophy/mantra according to Milan: Happiness doesn’t fall in your lap; you have to constantly work at it and pursue it with a ferverent passion. This life isn’t for whimps and is truly what you make it. You have the power to make it what you want it to be, be it good or bad. Never forget that. Appreciate and respect your life and like Jill Scott said, “live it like it’s golden” because it is 😀

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