Images of Black Women Film Festival: April 9th-11th

I didn’t get to catch this last year but I’m very much looking forward to what this years IBW Film Fest has to offer – especially since it’ll be the first screening of ‘Say My Name’ in the UK (which I posted info about a few months ago). It’s being held at the Tricycle Theatre and the BFI in London. Also featured is ‘My Nappy Roots’ – the hair documentary that is said to have been teefed inspired Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ – the director Regina Kimbell will be in attendance so I’m sure that question will come up at the Q&A. Also the Bahamian High Commisioner and director will be in attendance of ¬†one of the first indigenously produced Bahamian films ‘Rain’.

Check out the IBW website for more information

Friday 9th – 8:30pm to 11pm

Say My Name

Sunday 9th – 3pm to 5pm

My Nappy Roots

Sunday 11th – 5:50pm to 7:45pm

My Nappy Roots (plus Q&A with dir. Regina Kimbell)