iamthenublack: Tennille McMillan

tennilleintroduce yourself

I am Tennille McMillan + own a company called naKIMuli Inc which houses our 2 clothing labels: naKIMuli and Shanae. naKIMuli is the funky, fashion forward label; the  eccentric side of my personality. And I just launched Shanae in late November. Shanae is an all jersey line of clothing + accessories; it’s best for every day wear, yet still funky + unique.

fav lyric from a song

“There is a way, no matter what they say”

– There Is A Way, Mos Def

who and what inspires you?

EVERYTHING inspires me! It varies so much… But my biggest inspirations are music, love, happiness, and people, especially those who march to the beat of their own drum.

icons past & present

I will give you the 1st one that comes to mind- Grace Jones. I love how unique + CONFIDENT she is.  Her style was/is bold + in your face; it pushed buttons that “society” was not ready for, especially from a dark skinned black woman.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Tennille McMillan

I must quote Fela Kuti- “Original, No Artificiality” Be different, take risks! Don’t be afraid to do something that most deem “crazy.” You just gotta follow your heart. It will make you feel good + it will inspire others to see the light in themselves.

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