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iamthenublack: Ashley Scott of DRAPES

ashleyscott_tnbintroduce yourself

Hi, I’m Ashley Scott the brains behind Drapes. I began designing Drapes because women weren’t wearing amazing jewelry like they did in the Edie Sedgwick days and I wanted to bring that back. I brought my art background to my designs. They are all handmade by me.:) My mom is a custom designer and I would always take her leftover fabric and create pieces, so she is my biggest inspiration. 

fav lyric from a song

“Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win…the wait is over”

– The Wait is Over, Rihanna

who and what inspires you?

My mother of course:), my good friend Chloe from Holland. I love her face, so she inspires new Drapes:) Edie Sedgwick because she was the first to make earrings a big thing. And I adore Christian Lacroix, he is my favourite designer, I always dreamed of designing accessories for his Paris shows:)

icons past & present

Beyonce…one day I will get her in Drapes:) I also love Donyale Luna…her face was amazing

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Ashley Scott

Accessories should never be meek or expected, Drapes=THE FUTURE!

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Drapes at RSVP Gallery