I never used to get why people cared about what colour underwear they wore…I was young, what did I know? I also thought that underwear/pyjama parties were an excuse for girls to dress like video chicks (I’d actually prefer if you DIDN’T sit on my couch – thanks) – but after seeing what UNDACOVA has to offer I think I’ve changed my mind.


The label was started out of the need for a fashion-forward, fresh and well-produced underwear product in the South African marketplace. This need was felt and ultimately addressed by two individuals with a passion for design and fashion, Chris Kilchling and Percy Ndaba. With their entrepreneurial spirit spurred, they started the process of initial conceptualization, designing and sampling during the winter of 2008.

After getting the production process going, the label was first publicly mentioned in the Cape Town Fashion Council newsletter in November 2008. The first batch of stock, a variety of styles of mens boxers with colourful print designs, hit the stores just before christmas and immediately sold out. Motivated by the successful market response and lots of positive feedback, the team decided that it was time to produce a cohesive collection and take it to the public in a big way. Due to popular demand, a female line was introduced to widen the scope of the label. The chance to officially launch the label came about, when Undacova managed to secure one of the much sought-after slots to fashion-showcase at the Design Indaba in February 2009.

Under the theme ‘Underwear & African Hedonism’, the brand has since continued to spread its wings, and Chris and Percy are working tirelessly on pushing their underwear collection forward.





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