GIANT x Malcolm Shabazz

I was browsing the GIANT mag website and stumbled across an interview and photoshoot they did with Malcolm X’s grandson (who also happens to be called Malcolm). Now I have my own opinion on his story as I believe to a certain extent your upbringing has a huge part on how you function as an adult, but I’d love to know what he’s up to now and how he deals with being the first male grandchild of the late Malcolm X.

Wanting to find an image from the photoshoot, I stumbled across the page of Aliya King – the journalist who corresponded with Malcolm through his incarceration and went on to interview him. The whole GIANT article makes complete sense to me now, and I completely understand her POV of not wanting to exploit him even though others did. I think a Q&A may be in order with Miss King because her whole experience is amazing.


via GIANT magazine

read Aliya’s article