Death at a Funeral

I thought the title looked familiar – this is a remake of a British movie that was released in 2007. The cast looks pretty tight: Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short, Loretta Devine (doesn’t she always play someone’s mother in a movie?!) and three of my favourite comedians – Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and Kevin Hart (amongst others).

According to Wikipedia this is the ‘African-Americanized’ version….*blank stare*. It’s also been made into a Bollywood movie which leads me to think that there needs to be a Kung Fu and Nollywood remake, lol. Does this also mean that there are going to be ‘Caucasian-American’ versions of non-white movies?!!…’Hello is that Quinten? I have a script for you…have you seen the movie Soul Food?’ muhahaha

Enjoy x

The original

The 2010 remake