Protect Your Neck

Is this geeky or VERY cool?! I have a bunch of KISS 100 recordings somewhere in my room…I’m about to go find them!

the sonic fabric neckties are a limited-edition project made in collaboration with my designer friend julio cesar. sonic fabric is woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread the fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it!

the idea behind the tie is that the wearer becomes a beacon for other-dimensional, intangible, subtle forces of good…much in the manner of a superhero. only this part of the superhero garb can be worn on the outside in the most conservative environment without detection! looks equally great with dress shirt or t-shirt. this tie is the thinner version – 2″ wide at the widest point. i also make a slightly wider version for more mature audiences.

the sound collages recorded onto the tape for this batch of ties comes from my cdbetween stations, and is based on looped and layered samples collected on and under the streets of nyc.

the ties come in three colors: black (woven with black thread and black tape), dark brown (brown tape, black thread), and light gray (gray thread, black tape). this one isBROWN. each comes packaged with a descriptive label.

– Alyce Sontoro (co-creator)


check out the Sonic Fabric website

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