iamthenublack: Mazuba Kapambwe


introduce yourself

Hello, I am a Zambian born in Washington DC and raised in Germany, Zambia, Ethiopia and now living in NYC.I am a writer / entertainment journalist /blogger who gets to attend African fashion shows, concerts, parties, movie screenings etc and interview African celebrities like Korto Momolu (from project Runway season 5), and others. I am also an aspiring screenwriter and I’m hoping to start a magazine that will be called “Inspired by Africa”.

fav lyric from a song

I wave hi to the haters, glad that I finally done made it, take a look and you can tell, that I’m destined for greatness…

– All the Above by Maino ft T-pain

who and what inspires you?

My beautiful continent of Africa inspires me because Africa is the future. You can see it in fashion with Ankara material (African cloth) being used by international designers, in film (the Nollywood) industry is the third highest producer of films etc and by the new generation of Afripolitans in the Diaspora who are going after their dreams.

icons past & present

I really look up to people who are leading successful careers in the field of entertainment reporting like Alexa Chung, Lily Collins and my role model/mentor Nonhle Thema who is a south African entertainment reporter and the international face of Dark and Lovely. In terms of past icons, I would say Kwame Nkrumah the first president of Ghana. He’s almost like a prophet because some of his dreams for Africa are now coming true.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Mazuba Kapambwe

Whatever you do, do it so that no man living, no man dead, or no man yet born can do it any better

– Dr Benjamin E Mays

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