BLACKSummer’s Night: Spec Boogie

Maxwell + Melo-X + Spec Boogie = hot sh*t! If you don’t know about Spec Boogie…you will learn ( I don’t normally force my opinions or musical tastes on people but this is an emcee that you need to associate  your ears with).


While putting the finishing touches on Summer Movie Season I downloaded Melo-X’s Maxwell remix project but only listened to the first two songs before I went out into the night to see Melo & Diz Gibran at SOB’s. While there I told Melo I was planning on rocking to Higher and then went and had a night that didn’t land me home until late the next afternoon. When I sat to write to Higher I listened to the whole tape and decided to rhyme on the entire project bout that one night while I was still experiencing it.

– Spec Boogie


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Spec Boogie