Blitz The Ambassador

Received an e-mail from the lovely Amelia at Put Me On It a couple of days ago about Blitz The Ambassador, and as is my nature to dig DEEP into finding background information about music I discovered a couple of things…1. His music is DOPE (that’s pretty much a given though right?) 2. He wrote the score for PBS’s ‘Bronx Princess’ which I featured on here a couple of months back (Blitz is originially from Ghana but now resides in BK).


“Energy. Excitement. Passion. These are more than the empty promises of a Vitamin Water ad, they’re the ingredients to one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of 2009. From the bumping “Prelude” to the gospel-infused “Something to Believe,” Blitz the Ambassador’s third release, Stereotype, delivers the strongest 1-2 (add in “Breathe” and make it 1-2-3) punch on a hip-hop album in a long time.”


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