Moutain Lu(pe)

Mountain Dew…Mountain Lu(pe)…geddit? *cough* So Lupe and Kenna amongst other celebrities, activists and photographers alike will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2010 in aid of Summit on the Summit – a fight against the global clean water crisis.

Not sure why I find Lupe climbing a mountain so strange, but I like it! (call me a bandwaggon jumper if you will, if you’re not Bono then I’m down – seems a little bit more legit…no offence Bono). It’s all for a good cause and the ‘training videos’ had me laughing…I wonder if he’ll be writing some songs for his next album via the mountain top?

Each member is posting pictures and videos so it’s definately something worth checking out (and donating to…where in the world is water NOT important?)

Summit on the Summit website

via SoulCulture