Brought to you by Sesame Street…and Uprock


This week Uprocks Sunday chill out session is for the kid in all of us…
We are celebrating 40 years of SESAME STREET!!! Yes that show that almost all of us got up to watch on Saturday mornings throughout our formative years is 40 years old this week.

Of course we will be playing all that good stuff we always play.. Soul, Funk, Boogie, Jazz and more…. but this Sunday it will be interspersed with music amd memories from Sesame Street and other Kids shows of the same era that will be sure to spark some great memories.

So come down, chill out and listen to all the good stuff Uprock play but pay attention to the Sesame Street breaks!!

12345….6789 10…..11…12

PS.. There will be visual Sesame Street memories aswell! FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT…

The Details:

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Time 6pm-12am

Venue: The Westbury, 34 Kilburn High Road (nearest station: Kilburn High Rd) for more info