iamthenublack: Jelsen Jargon

introduce yourself

Hello Hello. I’m Jelsen Jargon and i like to design stuff to look at and then think about.

fav lyric from a song

“…mad how he expands work but wont show ’em…”

Money Folder – Madvillain

who and what inspires you?

Im definitely an equal opportunity inspiree. I get tickled and influenced by just about anything in my circumference. Whether it’s the mismatched subway passenger or the pile of horse shit interestingly resting on the curb – i enjoy the creative reactions my imagination provides. Of course, living in NYC caters to this well.

I also strongly believe in ‘input dictates output’. There’s an overwhelming amount of amazing work out there in the world – and we have access to so much of it instantly. For me, taking in that daily dose of various perspectives from a variety of artists and disciplines helps to directly evolve my own creative outlook(s).

icons past & present

Malcolm X is up there under the ‘past icon’ category. Industrial designer Chris Bangle for the ‘present’.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Jelsen Jargon

“Do for self; for everyone else.”

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