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iamthenublack: Harlem Loves

harlem_lovesIntroduce yourself

Hi, I’m Harlem and I’m a write-a-holic, a condition most bloggers will be familiar with. It’s been about 20 something years since I made my first attempt as a kid to write, or should I say, scribble a book. I never did finish or even get past the first page but that moment was the seed that grew into my current role as an editor, stationery junkie and the girl behind the Harlem Loves blog.

Fav lyric from a song

“Sometimes I like to rock neon” from Neon by Amanda Diva. Amanda Diva cracks me up and I love this song but this line especially makes me smile.

Who and what inspires you

My family and friends are the people that inspire me most, they’re a real mixed bunch and are incredibly supportive of me and my ambitions.  In terms of *what* inspires me, I’d say mostly things that conjure up some kind of emotion… art that makes me dream, songs that make me smile, stories that make me think, clothes that stop me in my tracks or stationery that makes me crave… I honestly can’t explain my love of stationery but it’s there.

Icons, past and present

Oooh tough question. I’m generally not really one for having personal icons or famous people I look up to but I made an exception for Michelle Obama. Just seeing her in the White House as First Lady makes me smile and not to mention she visited my old secondary school when she was in the UK. Ever since I saw a YouTube clip of her on The View, I’ve admired her grace, humour and obvious intellect. I think she’s fab.

The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Harlem Loves

Always take some time out to compliment somebody. Compliments are one of those free gems in life where  we can make someone happy with the smallest amount of effort. I think it’s worth doing a lot more. So whilst I’m here I thought I should take a little time to say I think thenublack is a great concept with a world of creative genius behind it 🙂

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