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iamthenublack: Adrienne Wilson


Introduce yourself

Salam and Hello. My name is Adrienne C. Wilson and I’m currently based in Tampa, FL. I’m a freelance photographer and the author of a children’s picture story book titled, Isaac and the Bah Family Tree. My full-time hustle varies, but more times than others it is usually the execution of mobile marketing campaigns for the likes of HP, Verizon Wireless and many others.

Aside from my professional stats, I’m an everyday type of girl with big dreams and a colorful imagination. I like art, dancing, singing (karaoke – duh), writing, reading, traveling, volunteering, photography and talking to people like – you. My life is a lot like confetti.

Fav lyric from a song

If you don’t have a date 
 Go out and sit on the lawn 
And do nothing
’ Cause it’s just what you must do 
Nobody does it anymore

-Waltz (Better Than Fine) by Fiona Apple

Who and what inspires you

My ancestors, my family and my future children. Nature, explorers, music, ocean breezes, jazz, love, children, memoirs and the common man and woman’s everyday struggles and accomplishments. People who don’t let the party stop because their friends wouldn’t go out with them.

Icons past & present

Jesus. Josephine Baker. Bjork. My mom. Oh, and so many more.      isaac_15

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Adrienne

We wouldn’t be where we are without those before us. Remember them, but more importantly uphold their greatness and even their pitfalls in your doings today and from now on. We will own the pages of history in the coming decades. Lets write it in languages of peace and passion for the world we live in.

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My children’s book – Isaac & the Bah Family Tree