iamthenublack: Brianna McCarthy


Introduce yourself

Hey! I’m Brianna, I’m 25 year old West Indian. I’m a self taught painter of girls.

Fav lyric from a song

Well come rock with me baby Dance with me darling Step with me sweetheart The world is watching
– Gnarls Barkley

Who and what inspires you

I’m inspired by life, people, honesty and beauty. I’m a bit of a scopophile — I love looking at things.


Icons, past and present

I think there are too many! Most recently a Jamaican girl in my African Lit class — I thought she was so fly. It can be anyone. The mainstays are the women in my family, my grandmother Frederica with her old world feminity, vivacity and dramatic style, my sisters, my mother and I also think Dave Williams is pretty fly.


The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Brianna McCarthy

Be real with yourself – it’s the best gift you can give yourself and do what you love, the rest comes.

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