iamthnublack: Orion Engleton

Introduce yourself5573_266308080053_538910053_8508272_5800717_n

Orion Engleton and I’m a graphic designer. I’m originally from Belize, Central America by way of – I now live in Brooklyn, Tampa FL – I lived there for more than 10 years.. and loved it.. but it was time to try something new.

Favourite lyric from a song:

Anything from OutKast or Jill Scott would suffice but I do like a good guitar riff from any classic rock band – like The Rolling Stones or even Grand Funk Rail Road.. or Hendrix.

Who and what inspires you:

I see my life is a path that has many curves and bumps each turn with its own icon placed to inspire me to move forward.. Some of them have names, my mom, my dad, cool friends, Guy Kawasaki who wrote the book “The Art of the Start” he actually responded back to a long random email I sent him ,¬†with very kind words for a young confused entrepreneur (me).
Even the occasional random person on the street that so happens to say the weirdest thing that makes you think ‘wow that made sense’, the right song playing on the radio at the right time. Basically I draw inspiration from life being lead at pure coincidence and divine guidance.

The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Orion

Be Relentlessly resourceful and your stars will align.

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