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NewFacebookBringing you the flyest style fashion by way of Paris…ooh la la – Swagger Paris brings you the style of Parisian trendsetters, the music that inspires them and also where you need to be shopping. I suggest you bookmark their site and tell all your friends!

Introduce yourself

I’m -sP, born in Boston, but have moved about the world. Living in both NYC and Paris.  I’ve always been interested in pop-culture and the cool, but have also been keen on journalism and news. I try to spread that that mix throughout all of my projects. I started BET’s (Black Entertainment Television, it’s on SKY in the UK) young campaign for voting – YOU(th) VOTE!- back in 2007 to make voting cool, fun and informative.

And also started Swagger, aiming to show a different side of blackness than what viewers saw typically from the channel. When I left BET in Jan ’09, I moved to Paris to start up Swagger on my own in an effort make it more multi-cultural, global, edgy and awesome.

Fav lyric from a song

‘I stretched my arms toward the sky like blades of tall grass’

– Mos Def from Jill Scott’s ‘Love Rain’

Who and what inspires you

People who are confident inspire me; brands whose messages ride the line between super-cool and smart. Motivational quotations. Really bright colors and collages. Minimalist art. Strong vibes in conversation. Twitter.

Icons past and present

Andy Warhol was a pretty cool + smart dude. On a smaller level, I always thought Gideon Yago from MTV News was iconic in a cool meets smart type of way (back when MTV was awesome). Now, though….hmm, is it bad I can’t think of any. I’M TRYING TO FILL THAT ICON VOID! ha.

Thenublack mantra according to Sian-Pierre

#1 Think positively. If you truly believe in something, you can make it happen. No, really. No excuses, just believe and DO.

#2 Always be honest and genuine in what you believe. Don’t back down for anyone…this is YOUR life.

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