iamthenublack: Mike Idiokitas of ILoveBeeing

A creative mind is a wonderful thing, and the owners behind ILoveBeeing are no exception. I first came across one of their tees in The Source Magazine and have had the privelege of collaborating with them on a T-Shirt. On my most recent visit to NYC I had the opportunity to meet up with the co-creator and engage in some good old creative conversation.

Beeing’s ethos and designs are both refreshing, and insprational…plus their heritage range covers not only your usual countries but also those that may not be so well represented.

Beeing, thenublack salutes you šŸ™‚

michaelidiokitasIntroduce yourself

I’m Mike Idiokitas, co-owner/co-creator of Beeing, a culturally-inspired clothing brand.

Fav lyric from a song

I have a few (I’m a music junkie), the two that have been most inspiring to me are the following:

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;Ā None but ourselves can free our minds.

Have no fear for atomic energy,Ā ‘Cause none of them can stop the time.

-Bob Marley “Redemption Song”

You may say that I’m a dreamerĀ But I’m not the only oneĀ I hope someday you’ll join usĀ And the world will be as one

-John Lennon “Imagine”

Who and what inspires you?

I’m most inspired by everyday people and experiences, the possibilities to create and do better in all we do is my true inspiration. I’m also inspire to know that I sit on the shoulders of historical giants in all my endeavors, it just makes everywomen_blk_exp_red task easier to tackle.

Icons past and present

Bob Marley, Salvador Dali, Martin Luther King, Mike Tyson, Nelson Mandela, Zinedine Zidane, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Sade, and Samuel W. Johns (My Grandfather).

Thenublack mantra according to Mike Idiokitas

Aspire to inspire others to realize their dreams.

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