iamthenublack: Brooklyn's Belle – Jennifer Daniel

Introduce yourself

My name is Jenn and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. By day I work in the Insurance Industry and after 5pm starts my day. I like long walks on the beach (lol)… I have been describe as a social butterfly but that’s cause I love people and I love to talk. I’m a traveller, photographer (for a blog called gutsglamgrace), philanthropist, baker, daughter, sister, and a lover not a fighter.

Favourite lyric from a song: jen_d

I‘m holding on to my freedom
Can’t take it from me
I was born into it and it comes naturally
I’m strumming my own freedom
Playing the God in me
Representing His glory
Hope He’s proud of me!

~Golden by Jill Scott

Who/what inspires you:

There is a quote that has inspired me :¬†“Are you living or existing?”

My inspiration is to live and take advantage of life and all it has to offer.

The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Jennifer Daniel

Black History in the Making – pass it on..

Who are your past/present icons and why

Well of course I’m gonna be real and say Jesus Christ for obvious reasons. My “icons” are people who overcame adversity and strived when they had obstacles, kept their head high when people try to bring it down and fought the good fight.

I love¬† Oprah; she’s awesome although some people aren’t feeling her. She has done her thing and didn’t forget the people after she made it. Philanthropy is something I’m big on and I’m not a fan of people with billions of dollars that do nothing to help those who helped them get rich.

Lastly, I love the OBAMAS! They are a remarkable couple who represent family, success and were hard work can take you. Beyond President Obama’s leadership skills he is also showing that the Black Family can have a dad in their household and he is raising bar and creating a standard for present/future dads to adhere to.

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