iamthenublack: Ebony David of Nuvany Nice

ebony_nuvanynice copyIntroduce yourself

Greetings I’m Ebony a twenty-something full-time mom of four wonderful little ones. I currently reside in New Jersey. I’m half Nigerian half African-American and when people ask where I’m from my reply is always “Everywhere”. Being an army brat, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel and live abroad. I’ve lived in Maryland, Virginia, Germany, Seoul, New York, New Jersey and have visited Nigeria & Japan. Aside from being a mother/wife I also blog about indie fashion, art and culture via my blog Nuvany Ni’ce. I’ve also recently joined an amazing blog She Breathes as the Vintage Editor. Vintage clothing is another passion of mine, I sell my unique vintage finds on my blog as well!

Fav lyric from a song

I look at my environment, and wonder where the fire went, what happened to everything we used to be? I hear so many cry for help, searching outside of themselves. Now I know that His strength is within me. And deep in my heart, the answer, it was in me, and I made up my mind, to define my own destiny.

-The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Who and what inspires you

This is probably a given, but my children inspire me on a daily basis. They are all so drastically different and unique in their own way. My daughter is the only girl and I see myself in her more and more everyday. My boys are very loving & compassionate young men. My parents also inspire me, they taught me what unconditional love is and I hope to give my children the same gift!

Icons, past and present

My Grandfather J.D. Boyd was 1 of 18 brothers and sisters. He grew up in Dothan Alabama and vowed to give his children a better life than he endured as a child in racist Alabama. He left AAlabama and moved to New York at the age of 24 after a 4 yr.stint in the Marines.  He worked hard to put himself through many of the top aeronautical schools in the U.S. and worked as an aeronautical engineer at Grumman Air & Space for over 24 years. He was able to travel the world with his wife and 8 children and live in countries like Iran, Italy, Egypt to name a few. My mother would have to be my present Icon. Shes an amazing example of a strong,intelligent,witty black woman. We’ve always had a great relationship and I’ve always considered her my best friend. She is so wise and never judgemental regardless of all of the ups and downs my brother and I have gone through. She is always there for us regardless of ANYTHING.

The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Ebony David

If you want something that you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something that you never done.

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