London Jazz Festival

This is another one of those moments when I’m happy and sad…all at the same time. I might have to work on my networking skills and see if I can get some comp tickets for the London Jazz Festival (HINT HINT). Okay so if the BFI and BFM film festivals aren’t hot enough then throw the London Jazz Festival (and the Maxwell concert) in the mix – FIYAH!

Waaay before I got into hip hop and R&B I listened to a lot of jazz music – it’s my first love, so seeing the likes of Branford Marsalis on the lineup at the London Jazz Festival has me smiling. Robert Glasper too – who I only came across after going to Q-Tip’s concert  (late I know), but who I’d really love to go see as well.

Well that’s it folks, I’m about to go and do some freelance work so I can pay for these tickets…(I’m actually a little bit serious).

C062A421-E081-4A49-E2A6E07E09F3E3BFclick on the image to go to The Soutbank Centre website