Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

A month or two ago I decided to dedicate a month to music (that month being September). It’s not September as yet but today would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday.

I was in Brooklyn the day that he died and I thought it was just gossip. I had the chance to go to 125th Street and take photographs outside the Apollo and it really hit me – how much Michael Jackson meant to A LOT of people. I’m not going to act like an uber-MJ fan and boast but he changed a lot of things in music, opened a lot of doors and paved the way for a number of male R’n’B singers.

To say happy birthday, I’ve dug deep into the YouTube archives and managed to find one of the Jackson 5’s first performances of one of my favourite songs ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’

Thenublack salutes you MJ 🙂