Maths Wonderkids

I was on holiday when I got my results…that’s all I’m going to say. Anyways, I really love these stories of damn near embryonic kids (okay I lied…these ones are 8) getting A Levels and suchlike so I thought I should share this. Take note Gordon Brown…someone is coming for your spot!

enjoy x


Eight-year-old twins from Berkshire have passed an A-level advanced mathematics exam.

Peter and Paula Imafidon, who attend Calcot Junior School in Reading, took the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics paper.

Peter, who got a C, said he wanted to become a “successful prime minister” and Paula, who achieved a B, said she wanted to be a maths teacher.

They have three older sisters who also passed maths exams at an early age.

The twins sat the exam after taking part in an Excellence in Education programme.

The paper is more advanced than a basic maths A-level exam and is based on mathematical reasoning.

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Taken from the BBC Website