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iamthenublack: Zee of Leave in the Kinks

So as I’m getting deeper into this blogging world I stumble across some pretty cool sites – Leave in the Kinks is no exception. This fro-rocking girl-duo have created a blog that whether you natural hair or are hooked on the creamy crack is worth checking out. They both gave some pretty dope answers so this is Part 1.

enjoy x

Introduce yourself          zee

I’m Zee, a college graduate and a grad school escapee. I’m 22 yrs old, half-Nigerian and half-Malaysian, a dancer sans training and a writer sans boundaries. I write secret poems and public blogs, dirty memoirs and rambling pieces. I’m a supporter of free love and orange Tic-Tacs. I’m out to change the world and rescue the distressed. 

Fave lyric from a song:

My favourite lyrics are from the song Booty by Erykah Badu. The first couple of verses always crack me up. You gotta listen to the whole song though to get what she’s actually saying.

(I love me some Jesus though, don’t get it twisted) 

Who and what inspires you:

My friend and fiance, Lobster, who taught me how to be free, how to stop being afraid of what other people think, and how to be faithful to myself, inspire me. My blog co-author who taught me the value of true friendship by coming back into my life after a falling-out and allowing me to be my unadulterated self, unconditionally. I see people in my life who make me want to become a better person just by the sweetness of their spirits (Cara Mia) and they inspire me daily.

Who are your icons, past and present:

Ken Saro-Wiwa- a Nigerian national hero, Prince (yes, The Artist), The Cheshire Cat.

The nublack philosophy/mantra according to Zee

Never get tired of doing the right thing. At all costs, find yourself, then proceed to be yourself with no apologies and at all times. Learn to never be afraid, even of things inside you. Love freely and frequently, never recoil from pain.

Check me out

Leave in the Kinks

Purple Lace Gloves

*I hope you got the joke I just made in the title, lol