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When I grow up…

431869904In Jacksonville, Fl., there’s an African American 14-year old working at improving the surgical procedure for stitching up a woman after a hysterectomy.  Of all things that 14-year old young men are thinking of, surgical procedures just don’t come to mind as being in the top 10.


Tony Hansberry II is in the ninth grade and has already presented his ”findings” in front of an auditorium full of doctors as though he’s already entered the field of medicine. The project he worked on that sparked his genius was during an internship at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research where he befriended then partnered with the center’s administrative director.

Together they proposed and demonstrated a stitching technique for hysterectomy patients with a tool called an endo stitch.  This tool is not normally used for this type of surgery, but it could revolutionize the procedure enough to reduce complications and cut the surgical time.



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