Making it Happen: Alexander Rose

So I’m on the way home and Radio 4 is on – I do listen to Radio 4 occasionally but I now think that it was for a reason that my mum left it on this station.

19 year old Alexander Rose is being interviewed about his actions against knife & gum crime after both his friend and cousin were stabbed within a year of each other.n688904879_1169895_53671

Teamed with his love of graphic design and a desire to impliment change, he designed a logo and started giving tees away to friends and family.

As well as being a designer, he also speaks at events about his story and talks to young people about the issues that are killing of so many teenagers in the UK.

This made up for Dizzee Rascal’s tomfoolery big time – yay, more black positivity…I feel a collaboration coming on, lol.

The nublack salutes you Mr.Rose – go out and support young talent people!



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